Global Sourcing Seminars 2023


Emcee Patty Huntington,

Features and Fashion News Director of Harper’s BAZAAR Australia.

Longstanding Australian correspondent for US fashion newspaper WWD and media commentator.


2023 Program

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Paul Zahra

Australian Retailers Association

Paul will be interviewed by Patty Huntington, Features and Fashion News Director of Harper’s BAZAAR Australia


Unleashing the Power of Change: Seizing Opportunities Amidst Economic Challenges

The global retail landscape has undergone a seismic transformation in the wake of the pandemic, propelling us into an era brimming with untapped potential.

Prepare to be captivated as we delve into the industry’s current state with CEO of the Australian Retailers Association, Paul Zahra. In this session, he will share his expert insights, decode the intricate web of global and local trends and illuminate the opportunities and challenges awaiting us.

Don’t miss out on this chance to connect with the future of retail – this is your ticket to ignite the spark of innovation!


Barry Mowszowski

APAC Strategy Director
The Future Laboratory


Elevate Your Retail Game with EQ Commerce: Crafting Exceptional Customer Journeys

EQ Commerce is where innovation and technology converge to create an extraordinary retail experience. Dive into a realm where every interaction is a chance to learn, and artificial intelligence is your loyal ally, catering to your unique needs on a grand scale.

In an age where customers demand nothing less than hyper-personalisation, attendees can discover how fashion-forward businesses are embracing EQ-Commerce strategies to build robust communities and amplify their exclusivity factor. This Seminar will take you on a journey guaranteed to redefine your approach to retail and customer engagement.


Sanjay Prakash

Retail Industry Director
Microsoft Australia


Revolutionising Retail With AI: AI’s Game-Changing Trends

AI is the driving force reshaping the retail industry, introducing cutting-edge methods to understand customers, enhance operations, and unlock unprecedented value across the ecosystem.

Join us for an electrifying session that promises to be a roadmap for the path ahead, showcasing the ever-evolving trends, exhilarating challenges, and boundless opportunities that AI brings to the retail value chain, and how it’s reshaping the experience of retailers, consumers, and society at large.



Dr. Ajay Sahai

Director General & CEO
Federation of Indian Export Organisations


One Year Post AI-ECTA Implementation – Where Do We Stand?

Get ready for a session that will uncover the dynamic landscape one year on since the Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (AI-ECTA) implementation. This is your chance to delve deep into the seismic shifts and exciting prospects that have emerged.

The session will be full of insights, including:

  • Exploring India’s export scenario and market trends in the wake of AI-ECTA.
  • Navigating the transformations in Australia’s import market dynamics post AI-ECTA.
  • Revealing the hidden gems within viable but untapped sectors now ripe for exploration.
  • Crafting a strategic roadmap for seizing the opportunities in the Textiles & fashion sector.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain a first-hand perspective on the future of trade and commerce.



Facilitator Melinda Tually with panelists:

Ashley Hollis
Brand Relations Manager
Cotton Australia

Adrian Jones
Founder BlockTexx,

Rajesh Bahl
IEC Group


Unveiling The Fabric Revolution: Fibres of Australia Panel Discussion

This isn’t just another panel discussion; it’s a journey into the future of textiles, where groundbreaking science transforms these fibres into an unparalleled resource, ready to elevate your brand to new heights. Our panel of experts will unveil the innovations, sustainability breakthroughs, and unrivaled traceability credentials that will reshape your perspective on materials.

Join us for a deep dive into the world of cotton, where the Australian farms produce some of the globe’s most water-efficient, high-quality cotton. That’s just the beginning – prepare to gain a unique sourcing advantage in creating sustainable and differentiated products as we explore the cellulosic and polyester fibres derived from clothing waste using cutting-edge clean technology, courtesy of a pioneering Queensland company.



Panel Chair: Danielle Kent

Project Director, Australian Fashion Council

Along with members of the Consortium, and fashion industry leaders.


Unlocking the Future of Fashion: Introducing Seamless, The National Clothing Stewardship Scheme

Join us for an in-depth exploration led by the dynamic Danielle Kent, who will not only provide a comprehensive presentation on Seamless, but also lead a panel of industry leaders to dissect the challenges facing Australia’s clothing and textiles industry.

Seamless isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a coordinated masterplan designed to reshape the entire clothing industry and propel it towards achieving clothing circularity by 2030. This is your golden ticket to update your learning about an initiative that will redefine the future of fashion.



Melinda Tually

Director of strategic human rights and sustainability consultancy
Ndless: The New Normal 


The Rising Tide of Sustainability: Navigating the new normal

From customers to investors and regulators, the expectations on brands to address their social and environmental responsibilities, whilst making a genuine impact, have never been greater. Learn which recent legislative developments, both local and global, should be on every business’s radar. Discover which initiatives brands of all sizes can invest in as they commence or scale their sustainability and human rights agendas. Explore which skill sets, data and resources are now essential to not only meet but exceed regulatory and retailer requirements, future-proofing your brand for what lies ahead.

This presentation isn’t just an update; it’s a roadmap for success in this rapidly evolving landscape.


Jude Kingston

Mind your Fashion


Global Success for Your Brand: Your Passport to International Markets


Attention designers! Are you ready to conquer the international market and propel your brand to new heights?

Join us as we unlock the industry’s best-kept secrets and arm you with international connections and insights that will empower you to deliver a pitch that leaves buyers spellbound.

Hear from fashion industry veteran Jude Kingston, who holds the key to transforming your brand into a global sensation, with introductions to international retailers and buyers. This is your chance to make your mark on the world stage – seize it with both hands!


Clare Press

Sustainability Communicator
Wardrobe Crisis


The Sustainability Agenda – Where Next?

With responsible business and circularity hot topics of the moment, what can you do to get ahead? Whose responsibility is it to make the changes we need to see, and where can we make the most impact? What can we learn from global leaders in the field?

In this session, Clare Press, sustainability expert and author of “Wear Next, Fashioning the Future”, will decode the context for the fashion industry’s current obsession with all things ESG, then share her insights for what works, what doesn’t and what’s coming down the line.


James Bartle

Outland Denim


Fashioning a Sustainable Future: The Outland Denim Journey

Join us for an inspiring journey into the world of sustainable fashion with James Bartle, CEO of Outland Denim, a leading Australian denim brand with a powerful mission. James will take you through the remarkable Outland Denim story and reveal how the global garment sector can be a force for positive and lasting social and environmental change. Discover the brand’s commitment to ethical production, its transformative impact on vulnerable communities, and the innovative strategies it employs to leverage consumerism for good. Be part of this eye-opening session and learn how your role in the fashion industry can contribute to a brighter, more sustainable future.


Gaynor Scott

Retail Sourcing Solutions


Moving from Opportunistic to Strategic Sourcing – unlocking ESG opportunity

Moving from an Opportunistic to a Strategic Sourcing focus requires detailed planning. Your “True North” means a graded, transparent supply chain capable of delivering on the strategic plans of your brand, balancing both ESG and commercial success. Gaynor will guide you with the ‘know-how’ to source from different regions and help you ask the right questions to potential suppliers.


Bonnic Chung

Strategic Advisor
Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP)


From Voluntary to Mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence: Adapting to an Evolving Landscape

The fashion industry faces increased pressure to adapt to enhanced regulations on human rights and the environment. The shift from voluntary guidance (soft laws) to mandatory due diligence (hard laws) impacts buyers and suppliers worldwide.  The pace of change is accelerating, and brands, along with their supply chains, face a steep curve to meet the rising expectations of governments, NGOs, shareholders, and consumers. Bonnic will share her perspective on practical steps buyers can take to meet current and future requirements to ensure human rights are protected in the global workplace.